200009_10100257542190267_8621116_61956582_6735250_nTake action today! Here’s a snapshot of what USAS organizers have planned:

Penn State University: We’re organizing an all-campus walkout and rally with campus worker unions and the NAACP to fight back against the egregious budget cuts to public education and tax breaks for the rich.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: We’re demanding that our Chancellor back down from her scheme privately crafted with Governor Walker to privatize our university in the midst of the removal of collective bargaining rights and deep cuts to higher education.

Cornell University: We’re hosting a celebration of Alta Gracia, the very first union made college apparel line that we won fighting alongside garment worker unions for years in the fight to end sweatshops.

Florida State University: We’re joining with AFSCME to rally at the State Capitol against egregious cuts to public education and corporate tax breaks, and we’ll participate in the reading of Dr. King’s “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” speech he last delivered in support of striking sanitation workers.

Ohio State University: We’re hosting the Sodexo Truth Tour teach-in to expose the outsourcing giant Sodexo’s shameful intimidation against union rights for its tens of thousands of workers worldwide, from the Dominican Republic to our very own college campus, and demanding that out university cut its Sodexo contract until Sodexo agrees to respect workers’ union rights. Plus we’ll join a community event downtown with Dr. King’s first cousin who has joined many a USAS fight.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg: Check out the list of more than 1,000 events planned today!

At over 1,000 actions planned for today, students and workers will commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination with an incredible show of strength against the corporate-funded attacks on basic worker rights.

The corporate-funded attack on our democracy is spreading like wildfire. Just last week, Ohio Governor Kasich signed into law anti-union “right to work” legislation that would limit collective bargaining rights for more than 350,000 public workers and the assault on workers and students in other states are picking up steam. Meanwhile, CEO of General Electric got a pay raise while his company paid $0 in taxes for the more than $14 billions it profited. And they’re not just attacking workers — students are also fighting off attacks on public education, immigrant communities, reproductive rights and LGBTQ equality.

It’s clear, more than ever, that we need to come together to Take Back Our Economy and show that“We Are One”. For 14 years, students have stood in solidarity with workers overseas, on our college campuses, and in our communities. Today we’re standing with hundreds of labor, civil, and human rights groups to show that “We Are One” with more than 1,000 events planned in every single state across the country. Tonight, after the action, take a minute to share stories and photos from the day on the USAS Facebook page.

But the action doesn’t end today. Tomorrow, April 5, UW-Madison USASer Beth Huang will join esteemed professors Cornel West and Frances Fox Piven — often at the center of Glenn Beck’s notorious chalk board — for the nationally web-cast “Fight Back Teach-In” on how students and workers can escalate the movement against the corporate greed that has destroyed our economy. Join or host the teach-in on your campus!

Let’s Take Take Action Today, Educate Tomorrow, and Build the Movement to Take Back Our Economy!

In Solidarity,

United Students Against Sweatshops