On more than 200 college campuses today, workers and student activists will take part in a national teach-in to Fight Back against Corporate Greed as part of the national We Are One week of action.  UW-Madison USASer Beth Huang will join esteemed professors Cornel West and Frances Fox Piven — often at the center of Glenn Beck’s notorious chalk board — for the nationally web-cast “Fight Back Teach-In” on how students and workers can escalate the movement against the corporate greed that has destroyed our economy.

Join or webcast the teach-in on your campus!

The Student Labor Action Coalition occupies the Wisconsin State Capitol (March, 2011)
The Student Labor Action Coalition occupies the Wisconsin State Capitol

The corporate-funded attack on our democracy is spreading like wildfire. Just last week, Ohio Governor Kasich signed into law anti-union “right to work” legislation that would limit collective bargaining rights for more than 350,000 public workers and the assault on workers and students in other states are picking up steam. Meanwhile, CEO of General Electric got a pay raise while his company paid $0 in taxes for the more than $14 billions it profited. And they’re not just attacking workers — students are also fighting off attacks on public education, immigrant communities, reproductive rights and LGBTQ equality.

Joining Piven, West, and Beth at the New York City site will be AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, economist Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University), public policy analyst Heather McGhee.

Piven is a leading scholar of social protest movements and author of  Poor People’s Movements and Challenging Authority. She has been a victim of Glen Becks diatribes.  Cornell West is a professor at Princeton University, where he teaches in the Center for African American Studies and in the Department of Religion. West is known for his combination of political and moral insight and criticism and his contribution to the post-1960s civil rights movement.

Stream the nationally web-cast “Fight Back Teach-In” today at 2 pm EST (1 pm CST/noon MST/11 am PST) to learn how students, workers, and community members can unite to fight back and Take Back Our Economy.

After the event, send the Teach-In contact list to email hidden; JavaScript is required to build the national movement!