USASers from coast-to-coast took action to Take Back Our Economy this week in celebration of Dr. King. Here’s a snapshot of the more than 1,000 actions that took place this week:

SLAC, USAS’s affiliate at the University of Wisconsin, spoke alongside Rev. Jesse Jackson and rallied to the Capitol to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s devastating budget and attack on collective bargaining rights.

USASers at the College of William & Mary hosted a walk-out and rallied hundreds in support of living wages for campus housekeepers.

Penn State USAS showed that “We Are One” and hosted a student walkout and rally with over 300 students to protest deep budget cuts to higher education and corporate tax cuts.

Ohio State USAS campaigns alongside Sodexo workers from the Dominican Republic and on their own campus to stand against poverty wages and union-busting.

University of Washington USAS unveils banner while rallying alongside hundreds in support of collective bargaining rights for TAs and faculty with UAW 4121.

This is only the beginning.

So far, this week of action has been an inspiring success for the student labor movement! On April 4th, in celebration of the anniversary of Dr. King’s legacy of supporting civil and workers’ rights, we turned out thousands of students to participate in more that 1,000 actions nationwide, from the University of Wisconsin to the College of William & Mary, to build our movement against the attacks on workers, public education, immigrant communities, reproductive rights and LGBTQ equality.

But it doesn’t stop here. We know that corporate-funded politicians are continuing to slash our education funding, basic social services, and will keep scheming to strip workers of their rights. Join students, workers, and community members across the country on Tax Day to continue building our movement.

Take Action on Tax Day, April 18, to demand that corporations and banks pay their fair share!

On Monday, thousands of students from coast-to-coast brought together broad coalitions to rally on their campuses and in their communities to show that “We Are One”, including Penn State USASers, who teamed up with the NAACP, Teamsters, and Labor Studies department to turn out hundreds of students to walk out of class and protest the $271 million proposed cuts to higher education and nearly $400 million in corporate tax breaks.

On Tuesday, student activists at more than 220 campuses hosted and participated in the National Teach-In on corporate greed with Cornel West, Frances Fox Piven, and USASer Beth Huang, to learn about the growing power of the financial institutions taking over our economy and how we’re already fighting back!

And yesterday, students from Seattle to Atlanta rallied alongside workers in support of collective bargaining rights for campus employees, including those employed by the notorious anti-union, billionaire campus contractor corporation, Sodexo.

Keep up the momentum and take action April 18 by planning a rally, delegation, or print out a tax bill and deliver it to a corporate tax-dodger on your campus or community.

As a student at Rutgers University, I can’t believe that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has proposed to slash our budget by so much, that a court ruled that it would leave the state unable to meet basic educational obligations. Governor Christie is proposing these cuts at the same time he’s handing out tax cuts for the wealthiest millionaires and corporations in our state, like JP Morgan Chase.

That’s why, on Tuesday, Rutgers USAS brought out hundreds of students to the Fight Back Teach in, and next week, we’re walking out and rallying with campus workers, along with USASers across the country to Take Back Our Economy and our education from the greedy corporations punishing students and workers.

Sign up to take action on April 18 and demand that banks and corporations finally pay their fair share to support an economy that benefits us all.

From our decade and a half of experience campaigning and winning on our campuses, we know that it’s not just the weather that heats up in the Spring. There’s no better time than to join together and to escalate our fight back against these egregious attacks by banks and corporations on students and workers. It’s time to Take Back Our Economy.

In Solidarity,

Zack Lerner

Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops