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Taking away workers’ rights won’t fix the economy.

Right now in states all across the nation, corporate-funded politicians are waging aggressive attacks on workers’ rights. They claim our economic problems can be solved by stripping away fundamental rights from workers. These politicians want to eliminate workers’ right to have a voice on the job, and to destroy their right to bargain together with their co-workers for safe working conditions, family-supporting wages and affordable health care.

It’s shocking how far they’re willing to go. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker threatened to call in the National Guard to silence anyone who opposed his bill to strip public workers’ collective bargaining rights. Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 would take these same rights away from tens of thousands of workers, including workers on university campuses. In Indiana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Florida and elsewhere, politicians are following suit, “thanking” the corporations who funded their election campaigns with these extreme attempts to cripple the power of working people and their unions.

Denying workers’ rights will not help resolve state budget deficits. We cannot allow politicians to exploit our economic problems to advance their anti-union, anti-worker political agendas. We need to hold the corporations accountable who enjoy outrageous tax breaks, loopholes and bailouts, while working people struggle to make ends meet.

It’s time to take back our economy!

Together, students and workers can stand up to corporations and the politicians they fund. In Wisconsin, over 100,000 students, nurses, firefighters, janitors, teachers and others have occupied the State Capitol for nearly two weeks, refusing to allow politicians to vote away workers’ rights. Thousands of students and workers have rallied outside Ohio’s state house day after day. After Indiana activists led a sit-in in their Capitol, state lawmakers dropped their extreme anti-union bill. United, we can win!

Our own universities are battlegrounds, too, where we can show that students and workers won’t allow corporations to put their profits before the needs of people. We stand with workers on our campuses, workers in our communities, and workers sewing our colleges’ apparel. We demand that our schools refuse to do business with corporations and organizations that violate workers’ rights, like Sodexo, HEI Hotels and the “Fair” Labor Association, and instead support workers who have beat sweatshop conditions, like workers sewing union-made Alta Gracia college apparel. Will you join us?

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